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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good morning everyone welcome to fox 8 news in the morning today is friday.eox next time.e. i got you covered. 28 degrees. it's cold. y it's cleveland.ev in the wintertime. things for join us my name is kristi capel. my name is wayne dawson. let's take a a look at the forecast was scotte sabol. >> this will be the warmest two days wew see for at least anothert week and a half saturday and sunday the next week we go the other direction.ere his had some light snow in the accumulations of pretty small but enough to coat on the grassy surfaces with road conditions pretty quitecour in the winds not picking up.
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philly snow we see is still falling in late county's not so much affectt there is a front came through we arefr getting a little bit of lake enhancement off that.l we are beginning to shrink out as we get instant off the lake now. will start to clear out slowly with more sent to the westt that will will seek further east mansfield down to 19th partly cloudy that should be gone by 9:00 otherwise partly sunnyne onlyo pretty much dry afternoon will probably have 40 over the weekendab we had a nice start on our fridayt we need is the last
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traffic wise things look goodve they will reopen that by 6:00 a.m. we did have someone drive through and check it out. d don't forget the cavaliers are in town tonight at 7:30 p.m.30 doors open at six p.m. please don't forget about this construction it will tieet you up downs north ridgefield.r over the turnpike that will be with us for a rough traffic is maintained in both directions. wayne and kristi back to you. authorities are investigating of police involved they received a call out a woman stabbed multiple times in then reese caught when they came in they were convicted brightly
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drop out weapon that's me place p that kind deputies fired -- so far no word on her condition. in othernd news a police reportic uncovering new details about an alleged fight tearing johnny mans out and isa girlfriend in texas last week in. he will not face any criminal charges todd meany joins us live nothings changed. they originally investigated thisise because that's what the nine 11 call came from. for the statement they police fifth no reason to file a criminal complainto here's a
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police to the situation.of she did not want me to call you.l ceric bring to the report they met up with a group of friends at the hotel and doubtswi afteraf they left he became aggressive she described it as if he were on drugsri is on to say that she was struck several timesay including our straight to left earr when they responded to that 911 call they asked if she was assaulted in her apartment they told police the johnny left and she was concern as well been so they search forel winter he was
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did not report it didn't happen. i've great things coming ahead and outin of that have fun i need to my body like i'm 1 percent committed to playing football. maybe i don't know if it will be with the browns. in other news it's exclusive video of local police ed gallek takes us inside the drum caught on camera.l the man to the outside edge of
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he won'te let please get closer here watching the body camera cleveland police sergeant janel rutherford. she let the officers that are negotiating herere t odette says that purge up to 135 feet. that man on the edge distraughtdi over pet relationship vision until daughter.ov the i team has shown you the places stepped up trainingsh for the mentally troubles tricky situationri shows like this using patience and creativity not force remember them instead turns out police and rocky riverck police have done with this same man again and again at least
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same threat in the same place and over the holidays they got the same man to mental health treatment after yet another incident. here police prep for me in theth daughter to the scene. airport he came came off the ledge. ed gallek, fox 8 i team.ea they also want to see more training for equivalent policece and so-called crisis intervention they handleis around 2400 cases a year for mentalfo health matters just like this akron is suspended the use of speed enforcement cameras duringd the ongoing legal battle during them.m. the cemetery judge ruled that unconstitutional at the start of the new school year they were back out on the street. in december an appeals court
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citizens they give a better reason for the police cameras are off the street and the ball is back in the judges court. the city made a decision when the square resume last month to suspend operation into real evaluate that on a week to week basisis the system within the schools on a florida speed enforcement has been suspendedsu the judge is expected to have an answer within a week in the cameras could be back up soon after that. retired marietta police officerof will get to without has gone years with his canine partner. theyis had a social media stir when they said that the police dog had to be sold at auction because the city property and he could still work. when a police department dispense it's canine unit the handler in this case it's the
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dog he paid $1 for his partner. you- time not is 4:38 a.m. it's got to be the real deal howho officials are cracking down on counterfeiters on suit at supera bowl 50. why they may have let $63 million celebrate through their fingers. m most of the snow is moving out temperatures will be climbing weg should touch 42 months how cold like it was week.
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welcome back to fox 8 news in the morning. blake shelton honeybee. it'ss 28 degrees on a friday morning. had to get my self it's taking you 43 minutes. out strong was something like that.t. scott sabol is with us that'sth
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you probably did.i again came to carry it in a get a lot of candy coating it inches today we're celebrate now national weather personow normally we are professional aged cash cash in the fishbowlar these to do that back in the 70s i don't know if they still it now. just pass it along. drier weather from the south into this thing i would say another couple of hours we are rapidly clearing out will see some sunshine and westlake and another couple of hours and
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start to clear from west to east back edge of the snow looks like the snow has ended.e twenty-three and -- today snow to the east early on that should be gone prettyly quick otherwise partly sunny with a high temperature today climbing back up into the upper middle 30s everywhere now looking pretty good later today probably going to go for 60 percent sunshineoo before the next week comes in tonight and into tomorrowo some clearing tonight 26 should push back up to near 40 safety on sunday.nd the big rain producer for us up-and-down the east coast. look atst the heavy snow thatno
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york just to the west of boston getting hit b pretty hard was. that's not going to affect us hered little bit lake enhancement off of lake erie to get pretty decently much 42 paths some locations on sunday could push 40-40 tips here's the setup this is the jet streamam by tuesday and through most of next week with waves of arctic air that's justth to spite in from the west along with that we are anticipating several clipper systemsh second one tuesday and another one late wednesday into thursday each one asac temperatures running about 15 degrees below normal have a good chance of extending our chances further south.f we're not talking about any big snowstorm in on social media
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snowstorm.oi little itty bitty slippers fox 8 news is your official school closing station.x he's got more than just a candy coating. we can take it. beat be honest. be honest. tuesday wednesday morning. other sure to texture. on the freeways were doing okay a lot of creams behind the that knee-jerk good to go. every here in the eastside 90 as you had kids seven mentor area. h
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unencumbered therere nearly everyone is still sleeping things look good in national news democratic presidential candidate pretty sanders andnd hillary clinton faced off in another debate last night. i believe that america has the opportunity to once again live by our values and live up to our values the 21st century. the first time they debated is art not martins o'malley on the
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all middle income and wealth iswe going to the top 1 percent not what america supposed to be about she narrowly edged out sanders and the caucuses hopee the big lead that new hampshire polls residents say it'sa something you have to see tot believe watch is this a tv barrels parking lot crashes into a wall starts doing donuts all without a driver they couldn't stop her from barreling into the siding't over and over again they were able to gain control afterf
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counterfeiters.ra real super bowl tickets have aa hologram in the logo with special think that face when hea is a fight and then reappears with a quotegh they wouldn't recognize it because of damage they were as arsenic in the latter is sending him a letterhe before taking it back in california winners have 180 days to claim their prize he plans to take legal action. the turned out to be in goober
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waiting to be picked upup and how the band think thank him for
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good at morning it is 4:55 a.m. light snow still falling.l a lot of this is just fading away rapidlyot fit somefi accumulation of behind that were starting to see sky conditions clearing outat it looks like ashlyn mansfield's pack for the upper teens. very little windck little cooler to the west and north olmsted 32 our forecast today morning snow to thee east over for the fadeaway over the next couple of hours t middle and upper relatively quiet we can have so much next week eight-day coming up at the top of the show.w. good morning. it's been easy.
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some slick spots. in some overnight work and the a southbound side is open. issues ninth as your alternate fifth no issues as you had around this is 90 at 22nd things to look good. no problems whatsoever wayne and kristi pack to you. it was just a normal day for under goober drivers until he had ended up with chance of a
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they were in town for that is i not a big surprise when they told him out of the crowd thing temps in front of thousands. that's so cool. he was not the first we were driver they called that the first trevor refused to pick them up he thinks he made the nexttse just as much is he made 4:57 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes. we're following developing news at a late county will have the very latest on the officer involved shooting. hisis ex-girlfriend's that he was
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